Tuesday, February 24, 2009

meteor garden-hana yori dango-boys before flower


for so many times now,many fans of this manga compared all the drama adaptation produced by 3 different countries. the first one who made this drama is taiwan's meteor garden. it was a huge success for the series all over asia and also made the f4 gang from zero to hero,unknown actors became famous actors.yes the first season was very good in anyway the actings,the story,the episodes.but they've failed to achieve the same success for their second season.long episodes, the unreasonable stories, were a total failure.anyway we have to admit they were the pioneer,the first version from the manga.

then, japan,as the country where the manga was originally published,they made their version,by the reason of many part missing from the story in the taiwan's version. they return to the original setting,in high school life.the story wrapped in shorter episodes,with some differences,they also made a great enthusiasm from the audiences.many fans said that this second version is more interesting.they made the second season,and still they got the applause and warmed acceptance from those who watched it.until last year they finally made the final movie for the result of domyoji-makino's love story. it was japan's 2nd rank of most high income movie last year.

the story of the F4 gang didn't stop until the second version,as one of country who made several great and famous dramas,korea didnt want to lose the chance to make their own version.so, they made boys before flower(kkotboda namja=sorri if i misspell).now the drama is currently airing, and slowly but sure the rating keep on increasing.although i dont like the main cast for the girl character.but anyway..nothing will change.

some of the fans said meteor garden(taiwan) wins in the appearance of the casts, hana yori dango(japan) win in the story although a bit comical,and the korean version(boys before flower) win in both category,which i dont believe is true.coz each country has their own culture,fashion's taste, and character.  so its up to you  hana yori dango lovers,which version can satisfy your taste is for you to choose.but personally i like the japan version above all.

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