Monday, February 23, 2009

on this cloudy day..

today,just now i receive a very shocking news from my partner in of my colleague,Budi passed away this morning.why is it so shocking? coz he's still young, maybe a bit older 1-2year from me and he wasn't sick when the angel of death took his soul.oh God..

i wonder,for these past few days, i've been having such horrible nightmares and afraid of something bad that might be happening,i was terrified but i try not the end,i realize this,his death, maybe is the warning from God for me especially,and also other that death would come everytime, every second of our life,no matter how,and when we're ready or not.i cant stop thinking how unbelievable this is,i just talk with him less than a month ago,but now he's gone.we've been having this partnership in work for like 3-4years now. i often gave him some order for the accessories,like button and others.but now,no more.

i just wish the best for him,for his soul to rest in peace and for the family to be tough and strong in facing this reality.thats what destiny is,we can never guess what will happen to our life next.would we still be waking up tomorrow or sleep in eternity?we just dont know.. 

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