Sunday, March 29, 2009

anmitsu hime2009 and attention pls sp sydney(japan ova movie)

i just watch these two movies special version,but somehow both of it made me dissapointed. both of them were not as good as their first version.i like the anmitsu hime 2008 and the attention pls special hawaii or even the original series.i expect a lot but maybe i went too far with my high hopes for these two dramas.

anmitsu hime 2009:abt finding the true mother of the princess's young assistant,but its just too much and lack of emotion compare with the first one.

attention please sp sydney:abt the same misaki the cheerful cabin attendant,but its like she's back to what she used to be,when she's still a trainee of becoming a cabin attendant.less as a grown up girl.i really dislike this one.

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