Monday, March 9, 2009

annoying people from the past

just today after a long hours both me and my hubby were enjoying ourselves fixing our lovely little house,we were so happy and also we spent sometimes to watch one movie "australia "played by nicole kidman and Hugh jackman.i thought i could feel the heartwarming romance from seeing it, but apparently not.the movie's plot was confusing and yet the ending was somehow easy to guess.

but is not abt the movie i want to talk abt here.after i finish watching it,i remember that i had a new message in my mobile was from my dear sis,informing a pretty lame news abt a person from the past.actually i was upset reading the news from her and i discussed it with my hubby.he said it was nothing,no slightest need for us to care abt it ever again,coz we closed that chapter and move on.for that person still stuck in the past reminiscing his undestined love,is  his own problem. but somehow i couldn't stop thinking maybe this is one of the reason for that good-for-nothing guy tried his busy body to mess with us.i just thought i could get rid of this useless thinking as soon as possible since its really disturbed me and made me lose one good day. for all i want now is to forget this ever happened to me, forever.coz i care and love my hubby alot and it is unimaginable to live without him.

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