Thursday, March 12, 2009

if love is blind

like a stupid boy,i acted so nervous in front of her.i counldn't tell whats wrong with me,cause i just dont know,everytime i see her or we're happened to pass by with each other,my body's shaking and trembled when i speak.she's always on my mind,i cant concentrate on anything anymore.
she's a fine,beautiful,elegant and nice woman i've ever knew in my entire life.yes, she's older than me,a thirty four year-old succesfull career woman.and she's my nextdoor neighbour.the first time i knew her was when she moved here about 2 years ago.since then,i liked her more than just a friend or neighbour.
but i realize my dream would remain as a dream cause it seems hard to come true.we both have many differences and mostly is because the fact that im just a twenty one year-old college guy with part time job.and my parents really depend on me since i am the oldest son.
on the other hand,i an see that she lived by herself,without any family.oh God, i really admire her,i like her,maybe i just start to fall for her deeper by the time goes by.

one day.....

i watch her in this early morning of a sunny Sunday.she jogs in the park. i follow her and see for myself whatever thing that she does today.she looks happy and cheerful.the blushing cheek and the sweaty body for me looks just beautiful.although i've never seen her smile or laugh wide
enough as a normal person would do.
suddenly,there 're two strange men seem to approach her,they're having a conversation until then one of the guy pull out something from his pant's back pocket,its a knife! he points the knife toward her.oh my God! what they're trying to do with her?!rob her?!i must hurry and help her!
i walk fast enough to get near them and then bluff them,the 2 men 're just smiling even laughing at me,they really underestimate me.i gather all my strength to stay focus and be brave in front of her while mumbling, praying to God to help me on this.
the cold sweat runs in my whole body and shiver at the back of my neck, i can feel that my face paler than before.then without any warning and hesitation the guy whose holding a knife hurry himself towards me and stab somach is bleeding,she screams loud seeing the shocking
scene.the robbers runaway before the people gather around us and try to help us.she doesn't stop crying while my body felt weaker and weaker by the minutes until i close my eyes.

i wake up in my bed with all of my body's was a terrible nightmare after all.i begin to feel this fear of losing her,then i promise myself not to let go,and always stay beside her no matter what.that night i want to come over to her place and there i am now,standing in
front of her door.while holding one breath in my chest i try to raise my right hand to knock the the time i will do that,the door is already open by her,and there she is, a bit surprise finding me standing right before her,but she manage to change her expression rightaway and then smile.
'oh hi Arman good afternoon,what are you doing here?what can i do for you?'she asks me
a moment later , im sitting here in her living room with my shaking mind go blank,i cant think of a word to start the conversation explaining the real reason for me visiting her.yes she gladly invite me to go inside her house,but now im thinking how can i escape from here
since i am a lousy liar and i have no made-up reason to cover my truth feeling.(to-be-continued)

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