Friday, March 13, 2009

it started with cold freezing air and a bad mood

i  woke up this morning coz of the freezing weather here in my town,and i was hubby was out of town for his duty and will be back late tonight.the house is messy and yet i dont want to do something abt it for now.i prefer to sit here in my favorite chair in front of the computer and try to find some  interesting things for myself by net surfing. while i try to build a good mood for today's activity, something just ruin it.actually this things has been happening for a long time and i got tired of it somehow,its abt the repeated missunderstanding that happened between me and the respectful one.i dont want to argue but its getting on my nerve when they didnt give a slightest chance just to explain the reason,the real reason,not some made up reason as if im hiding something. i try hard enough to hold on but sometimes its killing me not to let go. im only human and i dont like people yell and angry at me for no reason and then putting their ego above all before my head.i just need to let it all out from my chest before it bursts,i just need to throw away this ugly feeling of anger.i wish God would give me a better moment in the next few hours of today.

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