Friday, March 13, 2009

naruto update: anime eps.100,manga ch.439

naruto anime eps.100: the title is 'inside the mist', abt the thick fog,the hallucination,the thought of dearest person,boring though,not really any development,i wait for one week for this is not really worth so i hope the manga come out sooner and better.:-(

naruto ch.439: pain/nagato released the forbidden technique called chibaku tensei although konan told him not to, and naruto drawn deeper in despair and almost handed his soul to the nine tails and make the appearance of the tails from 6 to 8 and almost 9 until the spirit of the 4th hokage appears to stop him before taking off the seal and give naruto the shocking news by telling him that he was his father.oh my God i cant wait nextweek...!!!cool!

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