Friday, March 6, 2009

naruto update:anime eps.99,manga ch.438

naruto anime eps.99: is about the rampaging 3 tails beasts and the 'mother-and-son'type of love between guren and yuukimaru,the controller of the bijuu.still a filler as usual,coz in the manga it showed that deidara and tobi managed to capture the beast without detail story.anyway ...

naruto manga ch.438 : naruto break the seal necklace of 1st hokage from tsunade,and yamato feel it in his palm of hand the 6 tails appearance,sakura told everyone to evacuate from the destroyed village.and yet pain is not killed ...nextweek would be the secret pain's jutsu chibaku tensei...what is it tired for one week only a piece of development in the story.i wonder how when they deal with madara...when everyone is nothing as pain's opponent.huhh

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