Saturday, March 21, 2009

reading a book and explore your imagination..

recently i prefer reading books in my spare time compare to watch movies that have been my routine activities in a week and put the synopsis refference here in my blog.i love reading actually,but ever since i hardly find books that appropriate to my tastes and my busy job,i left it for i return to my old hobby reading books.lately the books i choose is mostly novels,coz i like to widen my imagination while reading.its like u create your own scenario,the view,the character, the actions,everything is in your hand to decide,coz u r the owner of the imagination land although u built it based on the story that created by other people.thats how i feel when i start reading one book,i will not stop until it finish.especially if the story is too good to leave behind or delay even for a moment. i was reminiscing myself for sometimes,i remembered when i was in high school,how i love to spend my free time before or after school in the library,reading.the librarian trusted me alot until she gave me the novels for me to take home with,while she 'd never do that to other students.i love the peacefull air in the library,the imagination and the warmth feeling of joy and happiness from the emotion bursted in my chest when i finish reading.

so,people start reading,whatever u like, coz u will feel as if u can rule everything in your mind to create the highest fantasies. cheers..

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