Tuesday, March 3, 2009

signze knight :the magic,the witches

as the sun slowly disappeared beneath the sky and the darkness of this night
soon be fall.i still wandering around this dusty street walking,and my mind
couldn't stop thinking everything that had happened to me lately.the cold wind keep blowing slowly through me, as this freezing night gets darker and darker by the minutes.
for so long i have walked,then i find one praying place to rest.this holy place
where the people worship the mighty God is slightly empty.what is wrong with the people here i wonder..
the roof is the rotten old wood and soon will be broken,the floor is nothing but
the thin old cutted coconut tree.this place is very dirty and seemed like
abandoned for some times now.
i take some fresh water for my drinking supply and make preparation for my
pray.after all finish, i try to sleep coz the night is getting late and im really tired with my journey..for a moment i see those blinking stars and the brightest light of the moon,and then i remember the story my teacher used to tell me from the holy book..
for centuries now the people believed in the witches that would created magic such as predicting what the future would bring,the spells that would harm people and other dark magic tricks.they have faith in this kind of people more than they  believe in the power of God.long before the last messenger of God,the great last prophet of all appeared,those witches was very powerfull with the help of the ginnies.the ginny is a creature made from fire element created by the mighty God,to live among us,human.they are invisible before our naked eyes and they have their own world.they have power to deceive and use people as they want as they are the demon's subordinates.their main purpose along with the demon is to make as much as people to join them later in hell by making them breaking all the rules of God and not praying nor believing in God.actually they have the same main obligation as human,to pray to God.maybe some of them are good but mostly are bad and mis-use their being.what they do also is stealing the God's word for the future that being announced in the 7th level of sky to the angels.but now they cant do that anymore since the last prophet came and the angels has been ordered to throw the rock of fire to them. if we often see the falling star,is not actually the thing that we can wish upon for fulfilling our dream,but its just the rock of fire that thrown to those ginnies when they try to steal the tomorrow's destiny from God for the witches. so everything all around us is not always what we thought, everything has their own purpose for their existance,praying to the mighty and the holy only one God.
as i smile for a moment slowly i close my eyes and sleep...ahhh i have to find out tomorrow why those people dont come to this praying place anymore.
(to be continued to part2)

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