Wednesday, March 4, 2009

signze knight part 2:the magic and the witches

the day after,...i see the people who live here worshipping something else, the tombs of their ancestors,praying for the prosperity and wealth,put some foods there and bow before the place of the dead people,all with the guidance of the witch they trust.

i want to ask them but i withdraw myself before doing so,for some reasons i think i will not find the answer anyway.for some times i just watch them and their rituals until they're finish,then they start leaving the tombs area to go somewhere,maybe return to their homes.this worshipping area of those people is near the praying place i stayed last night, and i decide to pack everything to continue the journey.unexpectedly somebody come towards me and then stop while the eyes dont stop staring curiously.this person then ask what am i doing here and so on...i explain that im only a traveller who would stop by and soon will be leaving.he then doesnt say anymore words..out of my curiousity,i stop him to ask abt what i saw earlier in the tombs area.he then explain in detail and that he tried to warned them but it was useless.i just keep silence and listen to him and agreeing his words.i try to support him to keep on fighting for taking the people back to the real religion and not believing in the tombs power again.coz someday the truth will be revealed itself.just oneday that God will show the true power,although for some reason the people may have believe in that something occured accidentically the same as they expected after worshipping the tombs. actually its all by God's permission.
i cant do more after that,i leave the rest to some people who still believe in God to bring them back,since im just the outsider who has no privilege to interfere with their business.

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