Thursday, March 5, 2009

those innocent eyes

staring at your clear eyes,i can see the shows me the pureness in a heart,a white little soul and the peace i've longing to find.
your step may be short but the dreams is the biggest dream one could ever imagine,free as those flying birds in the blue sky,bright as a sunny day,wide as this universe combined altogether.
one smile is like the pouring rain in the hot dusty earth soil.
one falling tear from your eyes makes all the world around me turn into a cold dark freezing night.
i wish you dont have to see the dancing of the crowded devils among us
i wish you dont have to live in this hypocrite society where human's selfishness eat their own kind.
i wish you were born in one better place called the second level of heaven where the angels 're protecting you and play with you always.where no other than peace and happiness,and no place for sadness and wars..
(5.3.09-insert photo:my cute niece huri)

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