Monday, April 27, 2009

abt my other blog,meenoestigma

i put all of my history about how i finally end up working in fashion field,although that was not my true intention from the beginning ,or lets say it wasn't my dream at all,about clothing things.but anyway i've worked for over than 10 years,it became one part of my life.but then again i 've never gave up hope to reach for other dream,to do my real hobby,like making comic or stories.maybe someday if God gives me permission, i would make it into one book,since some of my friends encourage me to do so,but not now i suppose,im still lack in confidence anyway.please visit if u r interested to know what i've been going through all these years and feel free to comment or give suggestions or even critics.i'll be glad to receive all the sign of attentions from all of my friends out there.cheers!! 

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