Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the beauty of positive thinking

as i write before that this early morning the sun is shining so bright and i love it,so i intend to do what i've planned since yesterday,that i would clean the garden in front of my house and watering all the plants and flowers,also clean and tidy up the things inside the house.i did it,and it took me about two hours to finish it all and now i take a rest for a while after a quite tiring home activity.

when i was cutting the grass,clean all the falling leaves,organize the plants/flowers,and finally watering it all,the sun suddenly seemed tobe covered by the cloud.its more likely the rain would soon be fall anytime just now but it didn't happen.actually i was ready that time to abandon it if the water were trully pouring from the cloudy grey sky.but in the end i was thinking in different way,that maybe God just gave me one more blessing not to be tortured in the heat of the sun while do the gardening thing. i thought what more do i expect rather than saying Alhamdulillah.magically,after i finished with the garden the sun slowly reappeared although not really bright as i definitely believe in my thought abt this.

now,i do my next duty for the rest of the day,finding some ideas to make some designs for prints as my boss have asked me before.  

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