Wednesday, April 22, 2009

faster than a kiss(kissu yora mo hayaku)

just today i read new manga,the title is 'faster than a kiss'. the story is quite adorable,i love it,but unfortunately its not finish i have to wait,until i dont know when,well i will put this in one of my schedule to check for the update along with naruto,bleach and tsubasa reservoir chronicle.

the story revolves around a 16 years old high school girl with her 4 years old younger brother who just lost their parent in one accident.after that they have to move from one relatives to another. and they really sad abt it until they decide to runaway and try to live by themselves.finally her 24 years old english teacher,a guy, offer her to be taken care of,she agreed after they secretly bind themselves in one marriage,i dont know whether is out of symphaty or love.the next  story is abt their fight,their growing love and sense of filling the empty feeling of a warmth in the  family.

i dont know why but i love this kind of story,the growing love after marriage.maybe because it resembles my life's have my wedding without actual or madly in love but more to symphaty and respect everyone's wish in the beginning.but in the end we find ourselves valued each other  a lot and becoming bestfriends and lover at the same time.we can just be who we are and nothing to was difficult in the early moments but its getting smooth slowly as the time goes by.just like full house,goong(princess hours),sassy girl chun hyang,and many more.just love them all!until i take some ideas from full house for my house's design. witing tresno jalaran soko kulino(love can grow within times),is true sometimes. 

the small feeling piled in the heart.....................

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babanon said...

deeu yang lagi seneng baca ,eh salah,yang lagi seneng bernolstagia,hehehe, bagus teteh tulisana