Saturday, April 18, 2009

galileo the movie:yougisha x no kenshin

this is the movie taken from the same title drama.i love the drama,i love the physic's approach in finding the solution for each murder case.i cant wait to watch this,until today,sars-fansub,im grateful to them has bring this for us as their fan for freely watching after we download it from their site,and completely well done english subbed.the movie is more thrilling,between the murder case,the friendship,the geniuses,the love.all twisted in the same time along the movie. fantastic,and im really satisfied with this.for 6 month's waiting,i find it worth alot.i really recommend this especially for the Japan also Galileo was the 3rd box office with the amount reached 5billion yen in the 2008.looooveee it!!! sugoi,although the end between prof.yukawa and detective kaoru,not really in a romantic way.but the eyes just told me everything without explanation,there goes without saying,its love. ^_^
for synopsis of the drama,just see in the 'synopsis reference-drama'

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