Monday, April 13, 2009

i love the chemistry....

i have several dramas from different countries that shared the same thing in common, chemistry,and i love them.
chemistry is the bond between the main characters that showed us what love is.from the eyes,the way they see each other,the way they hold hands,they fight,they quarrels,they cry and laugh.
the acting is so convincing until we,the audiences, hope that the scenes would be also happening in reality and they become the lovely couple of lovers.they could bring the story so alive and real. although most of them not actually fall in love outside the screen. most of them made the gossip columns full of their news,the curiosity of what was actually happening in their (the actor/actress who play the role) minds and hearts.

1.full house(Korean drama)
its very inspiring for me,about the story and the characters.the way the quarrels and fight but deep inside they care for each other.the leading actor and actress awarded as best couple in screen that year.its a big huge success.the fans give the nickname for them rain/bi (Yong jae) and song hye kyo(han ji eun) as bikyo.

2.kayamath(Indian soap opera)
although i don't follow through each episode,but i understand the main general plot of the story.the thing i love the most is the chemistry between millind(shabbir ahluwalia) and prachi(panchi bora).the fans called them michi.

3.cuidado con el angel(mexican drama)
it airs now in my country,i like the couple,and i read in the news that they also bring up the curiosity of the audiences abt their relationship in real coz of the chemistry.juan miguel(william levy) and marichuy(maite perroni) were succesfull doing their role here.

4.hana yori dango(japanese dorama)
the best of f4 story of all f4 version ever one beat the acting and the chemistry between domyouji tsukasa(matsu jun) and makino tsukushi(mao inoue).the rumor said they were already a couple by sharing the same bracelet and boots.but they never confirmed that news.i also love gto(great teacher onizuka) the most successfull couple in screen became the couple in life.

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