Wednesday, April 15, 2009

love the lesson a lot!

sometimes i think i might chose the wrong education but after i re-think about it again i don't think so.i suppose in life we must not regret anything,right?
rightnow i realize something,my love for learning language.i always get excited whenever i learn new language, for now i learn nihongo.i don't know whether its from my other hobby like reading mangas,watching anime and doramas,but the fact is the curiosity to learn and understand what they're talking about made me take this step(learn the language).especially if the language have some sort of special writing that might not be easy to be read by common people who know nothing about it.i once also love to learn hindi,korean,mandarin based on what i've been watching,but was not really taking special class like i do now,its more like i learned by myself and get to know the language as i can.
anyway.., i just want to shout out loud that i do love the lesson!although its getting tougher and tougher,but i love the challenge and want to try my hardest to conquer it.i cant wait for the next lesson a few days ahead.ganbare!

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