Monday, April 20, 2009

love the magic hour


i always love the view of the magic hour,the time when the sun is ready to set and replace by the moon for the rest of the day.everywhere everytime i see it,it had never stopped to amaze me, how beautiful the picture that God has created.flawless sky without piles,its more like floating above us.the sun and the moon seems to be hanging and decorate it as if one huge painting on canvas with some mixture coloring from yellow,orange,red,blue and black.i've watch it in my friend's rooftop,in tanah lot beach bali,in the highway street,in the sky when i was inside an aeroplane, including in my own home.its just always make me feel comfortable,peace and happy. love to watch more of this in other different places....  (insert photos taken from my home, the highway and my friend's rooftop) 

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