Friday, April 17, 2009

naruto update :anime eps.105, manga ch.444

anime eps 105 :still showing abt the 4girls tried to seal the 3tails,but failed.and that yuukimaru finally drawn his true strength when guren was about to be harmed by the 3tails.a bit of akatsuki/tobi, a bit of oro chimaru,a bit of yamato and kakashi 's chat. well..too far to catch up with the manga chapter i suppose...

the manga the same as the spoiler...:-)

no manga update yet.but i have a confirmed spoiler of ch.444 from other sites.

it said that naruto finally reach nagato's place,nagato started attacking him with his rinnegan but naruto managed to repell it.naruto said he wanted to kill nagato but he ask first why nagato hates konoha badly.nagato remeber the past and start screaming with his rinnegan activated again,but naruto's eyes has changed into the mix between kyuubi and sage eyes at! cant wait to read the full version...;-)

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