Friday, April 10, 2009

naruto update ch 443 :the meeting and the anime

naruto manga ch 443:well, its like i thought,finally naruto defeated the last pain's puppet,yahiko with rasengan. and he want to solve by talking with the real pain.i guess it will like what i said before in the update,he will make him understand the way he did it to gaara.they will find the answer somehow.its kind a relieving though,i hope next chapter will be better.for anime i'll add later.

naruto anime eps 103-104 : abt the fight between guren and kakashi's group,the appearance of akatsuki in the lake and the rest is boring.the fillers episode are such a waste.just got to see the new songs in the opening and ending.

bleach manga ch.353 : the more unreasonable manga,its like watching tom and jerry matter how many times the body's shattered, they always come back to life. and without no reason ichigo got he new power and lose it easily...without trying hard to learn it first as naruto done it for sometimes for each of his jutsu like rasengan and rasen shuriken or sage mode.

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