Friday, April 24, 2009

naruto update:manga 445,anime eps.106

manga chapter 445:(confirmed spoiler from naruto-spoiler)Nagato stands in front of his parents' grave, he has turned to begging
On his way, he picks up a dog named Chibi
No-one pays attention to the people who collaps and die on the streets
He picks up Angel Konan and after that comes across Yahiko as well
(In order to survive, the three live together, stealing and such)
Yahiko's dream is world conquest¹
But he just died²
Because he cannot apologise to his dead parents, he'll survive with all his might and
when he stands at the top of the world, he'll create a world without war~
Nagato: "Wa~h, like a god"
The three and chibi walk in the rain

From the sky above comes a kunai with an exploding tag

The three and Chibi are blown away in the blast.

Konan: "Chibi is ><" Yahiko: "There's fighting in a place like this?" he goes to see who is doing the fighting There: "Saizou³ and Konoha shinobi?" (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru) "If we stay here we'll get involved. Let's go somewhere safe~" Chibi dies in Nagato's arms Yahiko says something like "Dammit! I'll turn into a god and create a world without war~" Nagato: (Yahiko's dream... gradually became my dream as well...) The end (The spine has Naruto - Forgot the title/cover...) If i understand it correctly, Nagato's pain comes from the death of his parents and his dog ><(actually i get bored with flash back,i think its gonna be long winding flashback afterall for some chapters ahead...:-(

anime eps.106:red camelia,its no use actually to make these fillers too long,since in the end the one who capture the three tails would akatsuki gangs what is with the 3 konoha groups,losers from guren gangs,the love between yukimaru and guren...what a waste...totally boring...worst than sora fillers.

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