Monday, April 27, 2009

the saga of amty and hima :chapter 3

once upon a time,in a country named donesy lived two big of them called amty family and the other is hima family.these two families didn't get along well, or lets say deep inside their heart they have grudge to each other.
there were too many scars in the history between the two,that would never made them have a good relationship for so long,maybe end up forever.

from missunderstanding,selfishness,arrogancy,revenge,or simply to call it all as water and oil, will always be separated somehow.for each member of the family accidentically connected with their rival family was just purely destined by God,but thats the way it was,the connection ended in a hurtful way for one side,whether amty or hima.

chapter 3: unwanted wedding,humiliation and a fairy tale happy ending

1.unwanted wedding

the second daughter of amty family named leda,was a cute and pretty little girl.she was very friendly and smiles a lot.everybody adored her,and she would easily make friends everywhere she went.
 as the time gone by,she turned into a charming and attractive girl. she had many friends during her junior and senior high school times.many boys fell for her and often visited her at home,but she just wanted to be their the time of her 15th birthday, someone seemed to always watched her and kept an eye for her. a 28 year-old dark skinned-curly haired with acnes-all over the cheeks-rich college guy named dino grew a wish in his heart upon her,that someday he would be the one to pick this lovely flower for his own little dreamland's garden of the future.
  he told his wish to lisa hima,oswa hima's nephew's wife,yudo hima.lisa hima was a talkative,friendly and nice to everyone type of person,but in the inside we could never guess what was her real intention,whether for pure sincerity or hidden purposes.
  so,lisa and yudo tried to make an approach to rewaty and massa of the amty family,leda's parent.they did it to make the bridge that would lead the way for dino to make leda as his mate.
 yudo and lisa convinced leda's parent that the thing in the past is the past,they left it behind already so they just wanted to have a good relationship and friendship with them.
rewaty and massa believed them and when they told them about dino's wish,both of leda's parent supported them with this idea.
a shocking expression with wide open eyes and mouth showed from leda's face when her parent told her to accept dino by making a true commitment between her and him by engagement or it was more like a spiritual wedding bond by religion.(2bcontinued)

(the saga...chapter 1-2 in 'pouring my mind')

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