Saturday, April 4, 2009

the saga of amty and hima

once upon a time,in a country named donesy lived two big of them called amty family and the other is hima family.these two families didn't get along well, or lets say deep inside their heart they have grudge to each other. there were too many scars in the history between the two,that would never made them have a good relationship for so long,maybe end up forever. from missunderstanding,selfishness,arrogancy,revenge,or simply to call it all as water and oil, will always be separated somehow.for each member of the family accidentically connected with their rival family was just purely destined by God,but thats the way it was,the connection ended in a hurtful way for one side,whether amty or hima.

chapter1:the harsh brokenhearted cutting on the palm trees.....

there was this young girl named rewaty kanda.she's the 2nd child of 11 children in the big family of kanda family.the free spirited,nice and high dedication girl.she really love to experience new things,has many friends and hardworking-type of day she met this guy named oswa hima from the hima family.just like a love at the first sight, they fell in love with each other.for some times they get along just fine and by the time goes by,the relationship has been develop into a serious relationship after 2years.
oneday, oswa hima get sick.
as a good girl friend,rewaty wanted to visit him and cheered him,so he could get better soon.she went there with a happy feeling and pure intention only to show how much she cared for him.but unfortunately something unexpected happened.his mother said things that hurted her deep,too deep until she felt humiliated and wanted to go away from the city not long after that.his mom said ' what kind of girl who would come and offered herself rather than a shallow minded and have no pride type of girl.its a disgrace for woman to pursue a man like that.' rewaty couldn't forget what she heard that day and it had never been erased in her mind each word of soon as oswa got better,in a rush he came to her house to apologize and asked her to be with him,coz he was true to her,love her and wanted to get engage.she said nothing to promise him, she just said that she needed sometimes to think things over between them.
and so she went to other city to learn new experience,met new people, breathed new air.she finally worked in one famous hotel as one of the staff there,and met massa suna.massa was a young man worked as the kitchen staff there.they became friends as the time went by,their friendship was closer than ever.they shared things,they discussed everything.
one day,after several months paseed by, rewaty said to massa that she wanted to visit her parent back in her hometown.she offered him whether he want to come along with her. he said he would,so they went to her parent together.
after they arrived,her parent asked about their relationship and asked him if he had any future planning with the end of the day,they asked massa if he 'd willing to marry rewaty right at this moment.he surprised but did not refuse the offer.and so they got married without planning, ceremony or other thing, that was usual and simple marriage.yes they built the relationship as bestfriend not lover but they became bestfriends for life.after 2days they return to the other city where both of them worked. oswa heard the news of rewaty visiting her parent a bit too late, but he wanted to see her and took her hand in marriage.he prepared one ring for engagement,wrapped it beautifully and went to her house in a hurry to let all his feeling out to her and proposed the time he arrived in her house,her father was the one who faced him and asked of his intention.he explained all to him that he wanted to marry her.rewaty's father surprised by his words,but wisely and gently finally told him that rewaty was already married to someone else,someone from the same office as her.
oswa stunned and shocked,he felt the sky fell over him,and he refused to believe this.he went home like a confuse walking drunk seemed like he ran out of energy and the darkness surrounded he reached his house,he threw the rings away,and picked one blade,long blade.he started cutting all the palm trees that grew in the front yard of his house. he screamed and cried at the same time.his heart broke and hurted so deep... why this is happening to me..!!
in the far place,rewaty just wished him to find someone better than her, coz deep inside she would've not done this if his mom's words didn't hurt her this deep.(end of chapter 2:she's no better than both of us)

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