Thursday, May 14, 2009

burning flame in my brain

its been a few days that i feel this anxiety in my mind.somehow for all i know,i was regrettingthe moment when i have to get in touch with the people from my be honest,some of them did not bring good memories within me.

i thought afterall this time,after all these years,people will eventually grow up and change as they're getting older and mature,but i guess we just couldn't judge by the age first i was glad,somehow some of them brought me some good moments but eventually the longer i get interact with them the sooner i find out that they were nothing but a bunch of highschooler teens with older ages.somehow several of them still think high and mighty above other.and i dislike that kind of attitude alot!.

even for some reason i can no longer trust the closest friends,used to be the closest friends. 
i just cant handle betrayal,hypocracy,two faces,and a kind that talk differently everytime.i prefer to be with honest people in their attitude and thinking.never to cheat or pretend with their buds.

it will be so much better if maybe i've never ever meet them again.they talked,being nice 
while in the end i was nothing but nobody before their eyes.pity on me if i keep on feeling like 
this for some unworthy people.enough is enough.i have enough of this sad,dissapointed and devastated all in the same time.i might not want to look at them for a moment and leave me be by myself and facing new things for tomorrow and the day friends,new environment,new experiences,but surely for them is excluded.

all my fear and this restless feeling in the end  is nothing but a bother to me and i hate it.pls 
God, help me to keep me with this thought in mind now,that i would not for a moment seeing 
them again.i prefer maybe for good.but then again only God knows.

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