Monday, May 18, 2009

the confusion between wrong or right.

hopefully in my friend's wedding tomorrow,i dont see that face,coz it will surely gives me a bad day.coz whenever i see the pic here,its hard enough.God i wish U wouldn't give that person shamelessly courages to appear there and ruin everything. 

actually,it all started when i feel uncomfortable with the scene before my eyes a couple of months ago.i knew what i saw in front of me that day was the wrong thing to be done by this person,lets say A. he's a very perfectionist person,and also raised in a fanatic religion family as i am,where there's no such thing as dating,but only ta'aruf and marriage.coz we believe good thing will get along with good people.but he broke all the rules and he knew it was wrong.the girlfriend appear in his parent house and treat the family as her own family shamelessly.she packed his clothes and talk big abt how close they are to each other.i dislike the situation and want to get out of there as soon as possible,why? coz for me the pride of one woman is everything.for me a woman should be gentle with dignity and not turn herself easily even to the person they love.dont try too hard to attract his family as the respect will grow up by itself.and 'who am i to him' is also important since the instinct of a men is a hunter,and a woman is the hunted target.when the target is willingly turn themselves easily,the hunter will lose their appetite in catching their target anymore.if she was already engaged to be married is a must to visit and get closer to her' husband to be's family,but if its nothing but only close friend i think it shouldn't go that far.for me, as a woman we should respect ourself before other does.not lower ourself by trying to run after a guy's love badly.

but anyway,i hope A understand what i mean by writing this.i just cared for him as he is one of my friend,i hope he can differenciate between what's right and wrong,respect and obey the parent and the rules.coz im sure once we get lost in the chaos of mistakes,it will be hard to return.and abt the girlfriend,i hope she understand where she's at.and gain her own dignity by doing the more acceptable way for him and his family.

i apologize if some people didn't agree and againts me on this,but this is the way im thinking in life.when u hold into one principle in life,u just have to be willingly accept the whole package.

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