Friday, May 29, 2009

fill it til your heart content

for those who need to refresh their mind and fill their heart as me..

1.about 2 or 3 hours of praying is a lot better than 1000 years living in this world.

2.give donation in the name of God for helping others could prevent 70 types of disaster/misery in our life.

3.the person who would kiss his/her mom in the forehead(as a sign of respect and care),would prevent him/her from God punishment and his/her sins erased(including from hell).

4.mustajab times(times when God surely would fulfill things u ask):1/3night(around2-3 o'clock in the night),after Sholat/prays,between Adzan and iqomah(adzan=calling moslem for praying),after reading Alqur'an,while travelling to some places,when somebody hurt us,on Friday and the last the praying of a parent for their children. grateful to God and always accepting what we have would prevent 100 kind of illness,most of all is sickness in the heart (ex:always feel uneasy,unhappy,unsatisfied,all the negative thoughts).

6.for a wife, while she washes her husband's clothes she'll be rewarded with 2000 goodness, 2000 sins will be forgiven,and will also ask for forgiveness by all the things in this world who live showered by the sunlight(the plants,the animals and others in a way we could never imagine how) and her degree (of being good person) will be raise in front of God for 200 times more.

7.learn 1 hadits/story of the great prophet is better than 1000 rokaat prays. and read 1 ayat of Alqur'an is better than 100 roka'at prays. 

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