Friday, May 22, 2009

gokusen the movie(release july 2009 in Japan)

i just got the info from one of the site, that the movie will come out soon in july,this first, i was very happy coz of some rumors that the producers will also bring back the cast from gokusen 1 and 2.but after i read the confirm story and casts,i got very very dissapointed.why?coz finally only the gang from the 3 sequel who take the main story, and its nothing but the fight over the seniors and juniors.i was expecting matsu jun as shin sawada and the conclusion of him with yankumi,along with shun oguri.or the appearance of kamenashi kazuya and anakishi jin from the 2'll be very hoooot! but in the end its only dreaming.for me the 1 is the best among 3series,although the rating was the worst.i like the end of series such as trick, galileo,hana yori dango better than this.poor yankumi....

(the insert pictures: title of the movie,yankumi,gang from gokusen 1,gokusen 2,gokusen3)all the gangs were great, especially their leader,Matsu Jun,Kame Kazuya and Haruma Miura.

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