Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the house of my dream


i've been raised by my parent not to be a spoiled person.in life we must always appreciate what we have no matter what,and always be grateful to God for the blessings.

well,its not that we were so poor until we have to save everything and not enjoying our life but my mom used to say that we must save little by little  for the future.so we keep the fun til then.

this house was the years saving of my work,and also my hubby.we both just bought a small tiny land that used to be a warehouse.

the inspiration came from one of my favorite korean drama Full house starred by Song Hye Kyo and Rain.i love the architecture of their house.but i didn't want to copy all of the idea due to budget and land.so for the rest i just simply put what i can put with the utmost usefull meaning.i love the house alot,and still i need to fix here and there a little,just to make it more perfect.someday if i have another chance for new house i would definitely made more beautiful design on my own that would be different from others. 

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