Wednesday, May 13, 2009

namastey london (india movie 2007)

synopsis:Jasmeet Singh a.k.a Jazz (Katrina Kaif) is a British-born Indian and has vowed only to marry a Briton. On a trip to India, her parents arrange her marriage to their friend's son - Arjun (Akshay Kumar). She gets married to him, and they return to England. However, once they return, Jazz refuses to acknowledge the marriage and considers it nothing more than a "drama". The movie then follows the story of how Arjun eventually wins Jasmeet over.
comments:its a good movie and entertaining for me,its reminded me of a bit of kabhie khushi kabhie gham,dilwale dulhania le jayenge(all connected to london and british lifestyle versus convensional indian thoughts).eventually the indian was always win over the british the tradition the people are similar to korean in holding their principles and proud of the love for the country. and not to mention its a huge box office movie.

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