Thursday, May 21, 2009

naruto update :manga ch 448 (new)

synopsis manga :Naruto reads a certain line from the novel. Nagato reacts to the words: it's something he once said to Jiraiya.At the end of the novel, Jiraiya gives thanks to Nagato for providing him with the spark of inspiration for the story.At this point the novel comes to life.The story begins, with Nagato as the may character.At the end of the story, when the main character is asked his name, Naruto answers "It's Naruto."At this point Nagato "snaps out of it.""Before, I joked that, having shared the same teacher, we should be able to see eye to eye...[but now]"Nagato pulls his arms out of the wheelchair sockets and begins to do some technique.

"I believe you...Uzumaki Naruto!"(what will he do to naruto?seal him/fight him or giving him his eye technique?i dont know...cant wait nextweek)

anime eps 110: still yuukimaru-guren-kabuto-konoha ninjas-3tails.boring filler indeed.i wonder when it'll be over....huuh

bleach manga ch.358:still abt the fights between 2 espadas and 2 captain of soul society. the imaginative weapon and bluffing each other bored me too.

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