Thursday, May 28, 2009

naruto update: manga ch.449(new)

manga:Shizune, Pa frog and Kakashi.
They survive!
Only Nagato and Jiraiya died in the end of the fight.
Nagato revives all people in Konoha and entrusts to Naruto and then died.
Konan leaves akatsuki and bring the corpses of Nagato and Yahiko back to Hidden Rain. She prays for Naruto's success and says that both Nagato and Naruto have the same dream. She gives him a bunch of paper flowers.
The dialogue between Kakashi and his dad
Kakashi: I'm proud of my father.
Dad: Thanks.
An arrow shining with light spots on Kakashi.
Dad: This is the place where it is too early for you.
Finally I can see your mom.
Then Kakashi wakes up.The last panel which Sasuke is heading to Konoha.

Kakashi: i am proud of my dad.Thank you father
in arrow of light shines on Kakashi
It's Kakashi's mother and she says something about Kakashi's dad appearing too early
Kakashi:i finally see my mother ... thank you.
Kakashi awakes
Nagato : Gedou Rinne Tenshou ! ( Heretical Justice Reincarnation ) [ Rinnegan are supposed to be the eyes of the Reincarnations ... ]
Everybody is brought back to life.
Fukusaku, Kakashi ...
Nagato hairs becomes grey ... and paper like.
Konan makes a flower out of paper and gives it to Naruto.
Sasuke is rushing to Konoha(from naruto spoilers/manga)

anime eps 111 : guren dies but the 3tails story still continue....boring fillers....when it will moves to sasuke's story when he kills orochimaru...

bleach ch.359 :hitsugaya beat hallibel?dunno not sure,and the skull espada chasing the fat vice captain and also other 'flower'captain with the 1 espada.

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