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naruto update:manga ch 447(confirmed spoiler)

naruto manga ch.447:why i put the confirmed spoiler?coz most likely is true as the scanlation.and the story is explaining why nagato in his states now.if i wait for the scanlation,it will be one more day of waiting and for the anime wait for the kindness of my bestfriend tomorrow.gotta get some sleep it is:

ps:as for bleach ch.357 is rare to come out sooner.but enjoy it just download in bleach sites for free.

Source : NF
Credits : Nightjum

After Yahiko, Hanzou orders Nagato to be killed. The Amegakure shinobi all simultaneously throw kunai at Nagato, but the are repelled with Shinra ?, surprising the ninja.
[Nagato] uses the opportunity to help Konan, but both his legs are engulfed by Hanzou’s Fire Release Technique. Both legs are destroyed…(This is kind of why he’s bound to a wheelchair now)The Rinnegan and Nagato still standing even after being hit by his Fire Release Technique astonish Hanzou. While Nagato collapses, he uses the summoning “Summoning: Heretical Demon Statue” naruto 447 raw(This looks exactly like the statue the Bijuu are stored in after they’re extracted)Konan cries out “Don’t use that technique!” but several black rods grow out of the statue and pierce Nagato’s back.From there, he’s in Peerless Mode. From the mouth of the statue comes something that looks like white dragons. naruto chapter 447.One by one, the souls of the Konoha ANBU and Amegakure shinobi that are touched by this are extracted.
The small fry are annihilated (Danzou probably fled after seeing the statue, before it could get to him?).Finally only Hanzou is left, but he escapes with a Body Flicker Technique.

Then the story ends and we return to the present

He says something like that after that, all his comrades died one by one.He asks for Naruto’s answer, but Naruto remembers what Ero-sennin said(One day, people will understand each other).Ero-sennin believed in me and entrusted [me with his will]
That’s why I’ll believe in what Ero-sennin believed in
That is my answer!!
That’s why I won’t kill you!

The end

The spine has Sasuke

More info:
Sorry, I forgot to write this,When the black rods pierce Nagato, he changes from a good-looking Nagato into a sickly Nagato After asking Naruto about his answer [naruto] takes out the “Legend of the Gutsy Ninja”.Likely Shinra Tensei.
Kuchiyose: Gedou Mazou. Gedou means “heretical doctrine”. Mazou means “demon statue”.
Musou Mode Musou means “peerless,” “unparalleled”.
Don’t believe in yourself! Believe in me, who believes in you. Pierce the Heavens with your drill! Break through logic and kick reason to the curb! Who the hell do you think I am? naruto 447 chapter
At least, I think this is what is meant here. First of all it’s unclear who is taking it out and secondly the title of the book is written differently. It should have been written as Dokonjou Ninden, but it’s written as Dokonjou Ninja Gaiden. It’s possible I’m misinterpreting this and Nja is talking about a new side-story, but I doubt it.(source)

bleach ch 357 : about the new form of the espada old men(i forgot the name) into huge skull with flaming body..and horrifying his rival from soul society,and then after her to kill her.and also th e fight between the espada's only girl with the child like captain of the shinigami.

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