Monday, May 11, 2009

the quote i really love

"Happy moments,Praise God

  Difficult moments,seek God

  Quiet moments,worship God

  Painful moments,trust God

  Every moments,thank God"

These quotes is sent by my friend in Myspace,Amanda.somehow i begin to love it coz the meaning is very deep,especially if u think through and feel it by your heart.

let me explain what is the meaning of those words atleast as far i have the knowledge and experiences going through this life.

1.Happy moments,praise God. we,as the living being God has created,are a bunch of living dolls who has no power whatsoever but all in the permission of God.there are times in our life we face some glorious moments of our own achievement,we celebrate and being happy with all of that. but u know why we should be grateful and praise God?coz all of the happiness and glory is from GOd,the One and Only,the Mighty God.

2.Difficult moments,seek God.coz in this life there are always be ups and downs,there're always be tears and laughters.when we felt as the saddest person in this lonely universe,the one that has the right to be the place where we can share everything and be our shoulder to cry on is God,coz no one but God has all the power to turn our sadness into laughter again and give us the spirit, peace and patience to face whatever problems we might have before,now and in the future.

3.Quiet moments,worship God.there are times in the middle of the night when all of the living being has fallen into their deepest dream by sleeping,only one whose never sleep,God. and beyond all of the crowd we're facing everyday.on that quiet moments alone,we should be worshipping God more than we usually do.nothing else but to ask God of more and more of the blessings and loves,also for fulfilling our dreams.God will be that close to us.

4.Painful moments,trust a normal human being,with all the things that always be happening in the entire life,we would eventually have those painful moments.whether,we lost someone we cared alot,we're lost in our battles in life,we're being underpressure and underestimated by people,when we felt alone and powerless.there is God, who would help us and always be our side if we trust.try our hardest and the rest just leave it all to God,all would be ends well.

5.Every moments,thank God. whatever it is that we would have along our journey in life,we have to thank God,for the blessing,for the love,the help,everything.coz nothing but God would make every impossible become possible.for good times and bad,always remember that we're never be alone.  

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