Monday, May 11, 2009

tenshi/angel (japan movie 2006)

synopsis:Romantic fantasy film starring Kyoko Fukada and based off of the best selling series of written works by Erika Sakurazawa. In a corner of Tokyo various hopeless romantics are reminded of the love, friendship, and familial love in the world. A convenience store clerk named Kato wants nothing more than to find a girlfriend . . . however things never go as he plans. Meanwhile, single father Yoshikawa (Masatoshi Nagase) treasures nothing more in this world than is daughter. He’d like to remarry to help her, but his love Kazumi confesses that she just doesn’t like children. On the other hand, junior high school student Mizuho has become the object of bullying after a slight missunderstanding. Then one day an angel (Kyoko Fukada) came down to visit them . . .
comment:nice film and i love the angel/ words but all the problem solved.kyoko played it beautifully...hmmm somehow the minimarket guy she visited really reminded me of tora sudiro, an indonesian actor hehehe.

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