Sunday, May 24, 2009

an useless friendship in tagged

in my mind rightnow is thinking to cancel my account afterward,after writing in this post.why? because i had enough with the strangers and some filthy people i met in that friendly site.unlike myspace or friendster,this one was indeed my one big mistake actually,when i decided to join.i dont enjoy the friendship at all,coz what i find is mostly a bunch of childish men try hitting on a woman that they knew already married.and justnow,i delete one of the 'friend' who critisize me out of his own foolness.i dont like when people just goofing around when they know what they're talking about. he was angry and wrote some harsh words about me, and for me is enough to see what was his true intention.

i dislike the facts that they might only see the face of a woman,not at all the personality and dont seem to care or ignore the i know why my friend once told me in this site is nothing but useless type of friendship you'll ever find.if the owner has a time to check out what is going on maybe they will learn more from successful friendly sites such as myspace, facebook, friendster or maybe twitter?i have account in 3 of them,especially in myspace,i found some decent friends who want nothing but pure friendship. 

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