Saturday, May 16, 2009

yesterday,i felt very sorry for her

just yesterday,i went to the language course with curiosity in mind.i wonder if they were put all our class member's points in the last tests.did i manage to pass the test and moved on to the next level? and all the questions answered as i saw the result in the board.

but one thing made me felt sorry for was the failure of somebody in our class.she is the oldest among all of us with the highest education level(S2-now studying for S3).for she might be more devastated after seeing the result i couldnt bear to see her first when we started our class,she hasn't come yet.but then maybe she was in a rush until she missed to see the board,she barged in into the class and innocently following the showed a surprised reaction in the teacher's face.but in the end he was wisely letting her to continue studying.until one moment when the guy next to me asked whether there was a result already or not for the tests.

so i had no choice but to tell them there the front desk office.he asked again whether there were people who failed coz if he was one of them it would be embarrasing to study in this class now.i only said to him the one who failed is the guy who'd never showed up for the rest i refused to tell and told him to see for himself.finally this lady asked me for her result,i didn't want to answer,i only told her again to see it by herself.and so the teacher brought the paper, our answer test paper.he didnt put the point but only put the checking she saw it her face turned out differently,was more like the study went on, with some quiz,she was only writing and comparing her answer with the best result from the other.i carelessly answered some question too but its ok,i was a fool not to read it more carefully.luckily it wasn't so much mistakes.i didnt know abt her.finally the lesson was over and she was in a rush to see the result and she looked shocked,and walked fast inside again maybe to find the teacher.i just couldn't imagine what she would've done since i had to go home,coz it was already late in the night.i hope she was ok and have a big heart to receive it and made her a great lesson to study harder.   

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