Wednesday, June 17, 2009

beautiful korean stars


these are my favorite actresses from hallyu/korean drama. i love them coz of their beautiful faces, famous dramas and nice acting. hye kyo : undoubtly famous because of Full house drama,her collaboration with Rain was a huge hit and there was rumors that love grew between both of them. unfortunately her last drama with hyun bin was a flop,well i still wait for her next work.

2.jeon ji hyun : i love her when i watched her acting in 'my sassy girl' ,the movie is very very good!

3.lee dae hee : my girl,thats the the drama, the chemistry and the comedy.although it has become her stereotipe of when she quit from east of eden,i regret that she couldn't finish it til the end. tae hee : love story in harvard,the restless and legend of nine tails fox. but she often critisized for her bad acting,and only depend on her looks.

5.yoon eun hye : princess hours/goong and coffee prince,good acting and chemistry. hee sun : wanee and junah and the sad love story,she's beautiful and elegant.once paired up with jacky chan in one movie,ups i forgot the title.

7.han chae yong : sassy girl chun hyang.great drama,but i get dissapointed when i saw her movie 'changing partners'.

8.han ga in : witch ma yoo hee.and nothing else :P

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