Thursday, June 18, 2009

beauty of hollywood(my version)

just take a look at them!aren't they beautiful? i admire them as the perfect creations of God. and also the talent,the body,the brain.well,i could not see whats inside them,though.i only judge by their appearance and their work.for the way they life,honestly, not all of them became my inspiration.

 1.rachel weisz : a classic beauty from england.loved to see her in 'the mummy' and 'the mummy returns', unfortunately she didn't participate in the latest sequel,so i prefer not to watch it.also admire her acting in 'my blueberry nights'.

2.natalie portman :the combination of beauty and the brain,loved her acting in 'my blueberry nights' and 'starwars' prequels.

3.catherine zeta-jones : the mask of zorro,and then intolerable cruelty also no the eyes,and natural beauty. 

4.monica bellucci : have you ever see 'Malena'? thats the reason i like her.gorgeus and beautiful.

5.angelina jolie : well,what can i say?atfirst i like her in tomb raider but lately after 'original sin' and her life in gossips,i lose my respect out of her,although she's given many donations.she's beautiful but it seems she's not getting all in her way all the time though.

6.megan fox : predicted to be the next jolie,and said that also inherit the role of lara croft in the next tomb raider.what do you think?beauty yes,controversial statements is her habit.

mostly for all hollywood actors or actresses,i definitely dislike the way they live.for freesex, having children before marriage,getting naked in the movies or magazines,all of it that go againts my belief.i wonder why waste such a beauty God has blessed them.

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