Wednesday, June 24, 2009

beauty of japan


after i make the list of my fave korean and bollywood stars,now its from japanese stars. i like most of their drama and good acting.

1.kyoko fukada

love to see her in many dramas : friends, kamisama, s.o.s, fugoh keiji,etc.she's my no.1 fave fave of japan idol.

2. kou shibasaki

love her in battle royale,good luck,orange days and galileo,love her songs and also movies such as dororo and star reformer.

3.aya ueto

love her in azumi,ace wo nerae,attack no.1,kou kou kyoshi,attention please,celeb to binbo taro and hotelier.lover her songs too.


kimi wa petto,engine and last samurai with tom cruise are the reason i like her.

5.itou misaki

sapuri,densha otoko,gokusen dramas.

6.erika sawajiri

love her in 1litre of tears and taiyou no uta,love her songs too.

7.yukie nakama

shinobi,gokusen,trick,and kamisama.beautiful ,sugoi!

8.inoue mao

hana yori dango,anmitsu hime,hana ikusa.good roles good actings.

9.juri ueno

nodame cantabile! and engine,also kindaichi.i want to see her last drama 'last friends' but i haven't got the time. 

as for the rest of the actresses in line that i like is,nanako matsushima,masami nagasawa,erika toda.

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