Monday, June 1, 2009

the bored me

i dont know why,but lately i feel stress out of nothing but because of this, first, i really enjoy it since i have many things to put here.but rightnow,im losing it,i just dont know what to post here.movies? its been a quite long time i dont see one,and i just dont want to.making story/poems/painting/photography? it tires me up to squize my brain to make something decent out of daily experience?well nothing worth telling lately,just damn bored.

i asked some of people just now in the discussion forum,but it didn't contribute so much to my brain to make one simple idea for this.but i have to admit i read one my friend's blog,and her blog is good. coz i really respect for straightforwarded the end i write nothing but talking how bored i am,and probably i end up making somebody who read my blog get bored too.huh.

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