Thursday, June 4, 2009

the child within me

just yesterday i read one comment from my fellow blogger in one blog community that the 'picture' of my blog describe there is a child within me.
actually i've been told by people that somewhere inside me there is still part of a childlike mind,but i disagree with that opinion.why?since i think most people im sure also have the same common thing,although maybe the apearance may vary.i love the way i am now,no matter what people think.its more comfortable to be myself and not pretending to be like somebody else or as people want you to be.i have my own perspective of thinking whats best for the 'image ' that built inside me,whether is proper or not in the eyes of other people.

i like cartoon/manga/comic as for some people may think is one of my childlike act,for me honestly it is more than just a simple thought of liking something,but more to explore the whole meaning behind one cartoon/manga/comic.its not just about the story which is amazingly imaginative but also to learn the perspective of the author,the mind,the ideas,the admiration for creative dream turned to be a moneymaker tool.its the same as i admire the novelists for their great works in their novels.when some people just enjoy something only in one aspect,either its for fun,hobby,pleasure,tasks whatever,for me its not has to be taking the whole learn the detail of someone's mind through his/her creation.most of all i love people who has been successfully made their hobbies or talent or shortly described as doing something they love becoming their profession.why?because there is no limitation for imagination or bored feeling in doing what we trully like,is it?.as my work is also really 
depend on my imagination,i atleast understand the feeling,which is ordinary people wouldn't.

i like hanging out with kids,as if the problems just fadeaway although only for a my mind,a child is the most rich-imaginative-peace-kind-honest-innocent-free soul of all human in this world.their playing ground is the widest,and the ideas,no one will ever be able to imagine how far it will flattered with the child within me,i want to keep it that way to make me less dirty and messy among them who called themselves a mature being. 
it'd never stopped me to face the reality before,as a normal human,surrounded by problems and obstacles,i'll face all,solve it and relax a little when my mind wandering to the dreamland again to get the meaningful peace of thought and a happy smile.(3.6.09)

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