Saturday, June 13, 2009

a happy ending for ranma1/2 and tsubasa r.c

these two are some of my favorite anime/manga beside naruto,bleach,etc.i always wonder how the creator would make up with the story and wrap it up in the end.but now,after i read the end(for ranma1/2) and nearly end(for tsubasa rc=the continous part of cardcaptor sakura), im glad,the happy ending as i expect it would be.

in the story of ranma1/2,they finally get married although they're still in highschool,keep on fighting but loving each other in their heart.its almost the same as inuyasha,well its understandable since the mangaka is the same anyway :).

as for tsubasa r.c,after all the hardships and obstacles between sakura and syaoran,finally they've been given a second chance to find each other again and declare their love.....hmmm love it!cant wait to see the ending it gonna be another wedding bells?i hope so.. :P

as for naruto and bleach,i hope there is one conclusion for the relationship,it will be a bit boring if all in the name of friendships...coz i was really dissapointed when the ending i've hoped in saint seiya(for saori and seiya to be together) was never came true.

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