Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the historical and memorable car


this car is an old car,only 1year younger than my own age.the old renault 5 1980 bought from my hubby's parent,cause i like the car and i cant stand to watch it abandoned for sometimes. you may believe or not we bought it only for 3million rupiahs.after we fixed it here and there,the car is good enough to run in the street again,although its not as good as a new car.

the historical moments of the car started when that time a few years ago,my hubby(that time i hardly knew him) helped my parent who just arrived from haji in mecca. and my mom prayed inside her heart wishing to have such a good son inlaw as him.who would've thought that would came true a few years later. miracle from God,i suppose,for my mom's prayer would be granted.

then last year when my hubby got sick,it helped alot to carry all the thing and also him back and forth from and to the hospital.i've never want to sell it,cause its just a reminder for me that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as you dream it,keep wishing and try hard.again,who would thought(even myself) that i would able to make my wishful thinking back then in my younger years to come true.Alhamdulillah  

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