Saturday, June 13, 2009

ignored by people

actually,for this thing happened to me as it is,i already predicted.i always realize,that there are some people who just won't accept you for who you are and respect the choice you've made without making harsh judgement.

just a few days ago i join one forum(again) about religion,but unfortunately maybe it was my biggest mistake since it had made me feel unwelcome in the discussion generally reveal what i believe among the people who had the tendency to dislike it was just like pointing a gun in my head and that im guilty whatever the reason is.atfirst,i was thinking, all the people in the forum would be mature and have a big tolerance towards differences among us,once again i was wrong.

everytime i participate in one discussion,mostly it will be the end,as if im the discussion killer.i thought i participate just to give my opinion,i dont care whether they'll take it or not.but maybe i just the unwanted person now.oh well,what can i do now?nothing.and maybe i'll leave it as before i've ever join the forum.just blogging the way i like it.they're not my friends anyway,why would i even spare my time thinking about this nonsense?just hate to be treated that way ever again.

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