Monday, June 15, 2009

is it God or human?

who do we fear the most?
that question has been rolling for quite sometimes in my it human? coz they're appear before our very eyes?or is it God?the actual owner of the universe?that should the one who has the right to be worship by us,although God may not appear in front of us.

but it has been a human nature,that logically we sometimes ignore God's existance and more to afraid facing other human.its not easy i understand,but as we all know,nothing that had ever happened in our life skipped from God's permission,it has always been in God's rules,not ours.we are nothing but a bunch of dolls in God's hand.we have no power,nothing but only one expectation to survive this life with God's blessing until we leave this mortal life we have only few options to choose but shockingly many times we just have to accept the reality God has given us,without having the power even to wish.thats what destiny is,we just have to realize who we are. 
actually all i do is only to remind u my friend coz i care,no hard feeling please,but u know,why u have to fall of the edge just to feel the pain?coz life is about a choice to make but sometimes there's no option but to obey the unwritten rules.

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