Wednesday, June 17, 2009

naruto update :ch.452 manga,anime eps.114

manga ch .452:
Naruto says that he won't allow this.[Danzou becoming Hokage]

Kakashi tells him off, saying that it's what the higher-ups have decided for the time being, if he's[naruto] is unlucky, he'll get thrown into jail[for opposing Danzou]... At least until Tsunade wakes up.Scene change to Danzou
Danzou orders Sai to make sure Naruto doesn't do something stupidThe reason why, is because Naruto is a hero right now. He's more popular than Danzou. Punishing him[naruto] could lead to the people of the village revolting.After receiving his orders, Sai goes to meet up with Naruto and the others.Naruto asks Sai what Danzou's like,Sai says he doesn't really know him, but Danzou donates curse marks/seals to all members of Root. Sai can't talk about classified info, because everyone who has, has fallen over unconscious.(Talking = Death)Some prehistory on Sai
Then the guy who authorized taking care of Sasuke, comes out.
They hear the Cloud ninja talking.
"That Sasuke guy abducted our master(s)"
[Something about Naruto and Sakura not making a mutual effort, and either getting pissed off or brushing their worries off]
A dark influential person --> Two dark persons

"Why would Sasuke do something like that?"
Everyone is surprised by this

anime eps 114:abt sasuke and orochimaru who killed in the manga chapter

comment:the manga and anime is ok,bleach also is ok.\(^_^)/

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