Thursday, June 4, 2009

naruto update:manga ch.450 (new)+anime eps 112

manga :by: 52manyou and 2Ch (Nja and Nightjumper)

Naruto heads back to the village exhausted. There he finds Kakashi, whose shoulder he lends.
Naruto is meet by a horde of fans back in the village.(Kakakshi praises him in his mind)
Naruto sheds a tear in the distance. Hinata thinks back to how lonely Naruto was in his childhood, and compares that to the present time. Iruka gets tears in his eyes over sees how Naruto is adored by everyone. Sakura punches Naruto in the face, then immediately hugs him.
Shikaku thanks Naruto in his mind, and calls for an important meeting.(Concerning the Jounin squad leaders)
Zetsu is watching.

"Pain was killed... I'll report this to Tobi"
Scene changes to Akatsuki

Zetsu: "With Pain killed, I don't think Konan will be coming back here"
Madara: [Unsure, he says something about two persons who have can make a link to Gedou Ma Zou, or something]
Madara: "Kisame, you'll go after Hachibi. I have something to take care of after this."
Scene changes to Konoha
The envoy from the Cloud finally arrives.

"Tsunade exhausted herself?" [Unsure about the rest of this line]
Sakura is at a loss too.
Then there's a meeting to decide the next Hokage for the Fire Country.
Before Danzou can introduce himself, Shikaku recommends Kakashi.
Danzou is disgusted
Everyone agrees[with Shikaku], but Danzou protests
"The one who destroyed Konoha is Jiraiya's pupil"
"The betrayal of our allies, the Sand"
"Orochimaru's destruction of Konoha"
"And the nuke-nin, Uchiha Sasuke"
"This was all caused by the Sandaime Hokage's lenient way of thinking"

He then nominates himself to be Hokage.
The Fire Daimyou appoints him as the Rokudaime Hokage.
Danzou smiles from ear to ear


anime eps.112: finally the fillers over,and next eps will be the same as manga.although i thought yukimaru should've change as the picture together all the jinchurikis'

comment:oh no,i dont like danzou at all,he's the real enemy!!but i love sakura hugged naruto lol

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