Friday, June 19, 2009

neighbor oh neighbor

i recently got some responds in the forum towards my question about 'do you have annoying neighbors'? and surprisingly,there are many of them having the same trouble with me concerning the neighbor we have, even worst than me.

in my religion,we've been taught that we have to respect and care for our nearest neighbors,and also respect for older people.well,my neighbors are surely older than me and my husband,but to care for them actually rather difficult,especially the one who live next to many times we, me and my hubby tried to be patient and hold ourselves not to get back with what they've done, we managed to do that until now,although for me personally i want to scream out loud why they never want to stop.but it seemed that they looked down upon us coz of we're a lot younger,even from their last child.

or maybe they're just jealous or envy us towards our achievement.we're still young but we manage to get a better living compared to them.well,the key is hardwork,and we dont butt out other people's business.we're only concern about our own life.we're still pay them a proper respect since we never argue or do something bad to them,coz they're old.although once they put an old dirty rag in front of our house,the front fence,yelling at me in front of my guest for something i didn't do,throwing garbage in our front yard,start his old vespa engine loudly almost everyday for 10-15 minutes,until we have to talk with each other very loud coz the engine is very noisy.oh how i wish that old vespa to be broken so many times...

i hope we manage to buy a better place someday or maybe they moved to other place.we're just waiting fo the miracle soon to come,so the mood for each morning would start with a better and cheerful day.

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