Saturday, June 27, 2009

the real reality show in my country

in a few days lately,nothing was good going on in the news.whether its about the domestic violences, the rumors of unappropriate deeds from the local celebrities and celebrity wannabe(=mrs mano),the fake fighting on stage from the actors and actress who promote themselves as the best candidates for this country's president.and just yesterday, the death of two famous and controversial celebrities.btw, for MJ,i love some of his songs.

the television's freak shows(especially the reality shows,the infotaintment/celebrity gossips,the sinetrons,political news) has really scared me and bored me to death,as if there were nothing worth  and good enough to show to the society anymore.the celebrities has becoming the real sample of real reality show,to see how their naked social life violated for most of the time by the stupid mosquitos called the paparazis who dedicated their life to interfere and spreading rumors just to earn some money.the reality shows in the television that said was original commoner and not a paid actors,has already showed their true colors,which is the biggest lie of the truth they've been hiding all this time.the sinetrons?i've had enough of more words,just junk.and the last thing is the political news,which provided us with the sweetest promises ever made by the candidates just to have their way to be the leader in this country.

that's not enough,the people from the past keep haunting me until i lose myself to the anger and split it all out,burst heavily to my own family regarding the most principle things in my life.i just want to get some peace of mind,although rightnow nothing but worries concerning me and my hubby's unfit conditions in health.Pls God just help me on this.

i wish i live somewhere else... 

p.s: i dont like the result of the polling held by local tabloid,bintang,who claimed that sanchai is the best among the three,and my fave to be the last.i disagree and i can see that this tabloid is nothing but a chinese and korean lover only, they discriminate japanese badly on the articles. its really getting on my nerve.  


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